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Linux on Chromebooks? And Goodbye to That Green "Secure" Lock on Google Chrome

Say Goodbye to That Green "Secure" Lock on Google Chrome CNET | Google is phasing out the green lock icon and "Secure" label next to URLs on Chrome — pointing out that safe websites should be the norm on the internet. Right now, all HTTPS websites show that lock and label if you're visiting the page on Google's Chrome browser — telling you that you're visiting a secure page that's encrypted and protected from cyber attacks. Google's goal is to make sure 100 percent of the internet is HTTPS, and it's getting pretty close. Why Linux Apps on Chromebooks Are a Really Big Deal (Really!) Computerworld | Though it wasn't in the keynote, a massive new development did sneak its way into Chrome OS during Google's I/O conference last week: the quietly announced ability for Chromebooks to run Linux apps as if they were native applications. "Linux apps," you're probably thinking. "Yawn. What's next — support for OS/2 programs,…