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Now for something fun

Gallery: Microscopic Art Hides Inside Computer Chips | WIRED

   Apr 6, 2011 - But it's not all business inside a chip fab, as these microscope photos reveal. In fact, the designers of microchips frequently hide tiny cartoons, drawings and even messages alongside the super-tiny circuits and semiconductors they create. Chipworks, a company that analyzes microchips by peeling them ...

The Secret Art Of Chip Graffiti - IEEE Spectrum

Mar 1, 2002 - To fit as much of a MIPS R4000 chip as possible into a single photograph, he set his high-powered Nikon FX/L optical microscope at a relatively low magnification, between 25X and 100X. Then, to make the circuitry "pop" for a more richly detailed photo, he lit large areas of the chip with a tungsten-halogen ...

Students learn anatomy

Students learn anatomy via virtual table
(Pixabay) Students enrolled in a New Jersey high school's biomedical program are learning more about human anatomy through a virtual dissection program. Students also are learning about anatomical abnormalities, such as an enlarged spleen. NJ Advance Media (Morristown, N.J.) (3/20)

Security Check

Security Check Time There has been a recent attempt to defraud Leland and Gray out of $40,000.00 using a bit of information hacked from our systems. It seems this was a result of a breach of accounts and someone who had a bit of understanding of how the ordering systems work in an educational system.

Luckily we have really good people who are looking at the invoices very closely before they are paid out. (Thank you, Teri Fletcher)
This event brings the need to remind you to check your account security.
Please take the time to visit this Google Site to check on your recent activity.
The page will have a brief slideshow overview to click through and then it will present a series of categories to view and take care of any issues that may compromise your account. This includes last devices and locations you have logged in to recently.
If there is activity on this list you do not recognize (logging in from Tanzania, for example), please follow the recommendations...primarily, change your …

Google Launches Hangouts Chat

Google Launches Hangouts Chat, Its Slack Competitor, For All G Suite Users VentureBeat | After nearly a year in beta, Google is rolling out its Slack-competing Hangouts Chat platform for all G Suite users. Hangouts Chat features threaded conversations, search, and bots that help automate tasks, while virtual chat spaces can be used for specific teams or projects. More G Suite news: Over the next few months, Google said that Calendar will be updated to use artificial intelligence (AI) and suggest available rooms and spaces for you to reserve in your workplace. It also announced that it’s expanding its Google Drive “Quick Access” feature to Docs.