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February 8, 2018 News for the Education Profession

Pa. school adds FabLab for high-needs students
Pa. school adds FabLab for high-needs students
Administrators involved in meeting the needs of high-needs student populations served under Pennsylvania's Intermediate Units are working to do more. Installation of a FabLab at one school has reduced behavioral issues, increased attendance and boosted student collaboration.
Scientific American online (2/7) 
How La. district improved outcomes for students
How La. district improved outcomes for students
Outcomes for a rural, high-poverty school district in Louisiana have been on the upswing, earning the district a B rating from the state, from a D in the mid-2000's. In this commentary, Superintendent Leonard Armato shares five ways the district has been working to help students boost their performance.
The Hechinger Report (2/8) 

Brief links parent education, student achievement
Brief links parent education, student achievement
High-school students may be less likely to enroll in challenging courses if their parents did not go to college, according to a brief from the National Center for Education Statistics. Data also show that 92% of such students graduated high school within 10 years -- compared with 97% of students whose parents earned bachelor's degrees.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (2/8) 


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