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W-2 Phishing Emails

IRS Warns of Spike in W-2 Phishing Emails
Dark Reading | The IRS reports an increase in reports of phishing emails asking for W-2 information. It says cybercriminals are aiming for mass data theft in addition to targeting individual taxpayers. Their most common tactic is impersonating an executive with a compromised email, which is sent to a human resource professional within the same business to request W-2 information.

What makes project-based learning effective?

What makes project-based learning effective? (Pixabay) Project-based-learning assignments should include six basic qualities -- intellectual challenge and accomplishment, authenticity, public product, collaboration, project management and reflection -- according to a framework released by the Buck Institute for Education. Executive Director Bob Lenz says "intellectual challenge" often is a missing element in PBL projects. KQED-TV/FM (San Francisco) (2/22)

How does student fitness affect brain function

How does student fitness affect brain function? (Pixabay) Students at a Wisconsin school have access to physical activity throughout the day, and the trend may be catching on in other states. Northeastern University kinesiology professor Charles Hillman, who is taking part in the US Department of Health and Human Services revised recommendations for physical fitness, says research shows there's a strong connection between fitness and brain function. The Hechinger Report (2/21)

Students make devices...

Students make devices to boost campus safety
(Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Some students are taking school safety into their own hands by designing devices to secure classrooms. A high-school student in Wisconsin has designed a heavy-duty door lock, which was then purchased by schools in his district and other neighboring districts. Quartz (2/20)

Google’s Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Today

Google’s Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Today and This Is How It Works The Verge | Google is enabling its built-in ad blocker for Chrome today. Chrome’s ad filtering is designed to weed out some of the web’s most annoying ads and push website owners to stop using them. Full page ads, ads with autoplaying sound and video, and flashing ads will be targeted by Chrome’s ad filtering, which will hopefully result in less of these annoying ads on the web.

February 8, 2018 News for the Education Profession

Pa. school adds FabLab for high-needs students (Pixabay) Administrators involved in meeting the needs of high-needs student populations served under Pennsylvania's Intermediate Units are working to do more. Installation of a FabLab at one school has reduced behavioral issues, increased attendance and boosted student collaboration. Scientific American online (2/7) How La. district improved outcomes for students (Pixabay) Outcomes for a rural, high-poverty school district in Louisiana have been on the upswing, earning the district a B rating from the state, from a D in the mid-2000's. In this commentary, Superintendent Leonard Armato shares five ways the district has been working to help students boost their performance. The Hechinger Report (2/8)
Brief links parent education, student achievement (Pixabay)

Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Google Classroom

Better Together Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Google Classroom.  Click on the image below to download the PDF

Crime scene kicks off teacher's bio-medicine class

Crime scene kicks off teacher's biomedicine class
(Pixabay) A Texas high-school teacher is engaging students in his principles of biomedicine class in the study of forensics and disease. The course -- taught by Chet Cooper, a former Odessa College professor -- begins with a crime scene and includes the study of a person's death. Odessa American (Texas) (2/3)

Revolutionizing education begins on the ground
(Pixabay) Rather than waiting for policymakers to take the lead, work should begin at the grassroots level to revolutionize education, Sir Ken Robinson said during his keynote address at Future of Education Technology Conference. His vision for the future of education includes one in which academics are paired with a focus on social connection, collaboration and emotions. SmartBrief/Education (2/6)