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The Spirit of the Game

The Spirit of the Game

There is a blog I have been following for a while called Akimbo. It is authored by Seth Godin, a marketing professional who has moved into the advice/education sphere and he provides great insights into human behavior. He provides ways of thinking about how we do things so that we can improve our selves, our sphere of influence and ultimately, our world.

One of his more recent blogs is called 'The spirit of the game.' It is about a half an hour and is well worth the listen. The rest of his blog posts are also worth delving in to, but this one hit home with me and I wanted to share it out with you.

Power Teacher Pro

I have collected the videos I sent via email, for you here. Introduction
Part Two

Traditional Grade Calculations/Categories
Creating Assignments

Understanding Points and Weighting

Assistive Technology Tools and Resources for WCSU Educators

Last summer I had the opportunity to sign up for an online course called “Spreading the Word about Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning: Tools and Strategies for ALL students.” The Education Cooperative (TEC) and The Reading Institute (TRI) provided two blended thirty-hour professional development courses in Eastern and Western Massachusetts to help educators explore their own use of technology and use technology more effectively in the classroom. The course included 2.5 face-to-face days and monthly online sessions and it was facilitated by two professional instructors, Jennifer Edge-Savage and Mike Marotta.

I took the opportunity to take this class with the sponsorship of the Windham Central Supervisory Union and Special Education Department. In this course, we have been studying and exploring different teaching strategies for Assistive Technology (AT) and Universal Design for Learning as well as assisting and peer-to-peer collaboration on many individual and group…

Linux on Chromebooks? And Goodbye to That Green "Secure" Lock on Google Chrome

Say Goodbye to That Green "Secure" Lock on Google Chrome CNET | Google is phasing out the green lock icon and "Secure" label next to URLs on Chrome — pointing out that safe websites should be the norm on the internet. Right now, all HTTPS websites show that lock and label if you're visiting the page on Google's Chrome browser — telling you that you're visiting a secure page that's encrypted and protected from cyber attacks. Google's goal is to make sure 100 percent of the internet is HTTPS, and it's getting pretty close. Why Linux Apps on Chromebooks Are a Really Big Deal (Really!) Computerworld | Though it wasn't in the keynote, a massive new development did sneak its way into Chrome OS during Google's I/O conference last week: the quietly announced ability for Chromebooks to run Linux apps as if they were native applications. "Linux apps," you're probably thinking. "Yawn. What's next — support for OS/2 programs,…

G-Mail Upgrade

Greetings all,

Google is making changes to your email...It has been a while...2011 was the last time they made an upgrade.

In 2015, the company released a new email interface called Inbox. This tool was created to bring the mobile workspace and Machine Learning together to make your email communication more efficient.

The new Inbox interface did not get too much traction, so they have integrated the best of Inbox with Gmail and now provide some interesting new tools for you to use.

In order to use the new features, you will have to opt-in by clicking on the small gear in the upper right-hand corner.

Presently, it is not available for our domains, but will be coming in the near future.

Please read the articles below to learn more:

Wired Magazine
CNBC - Video

Phone System Fraud Information

PBX Fraud Information - TDS Business

phone system. Unfortunately, the owner of the telephone system is responsible for toll charges, not the provider. Why do these activities occur? Telephone hackers can infiltrate vulnerable PBX systems to make international and long distance calls, listen to voicemail or monitor conversations. Victims of hacked PBX systems ...

Now for something fun

Gallery: Microscopic Art Hides Inside Computer Chips | WIRED

   Apr 6, 2011 - But it's not all business inside a chip fab, as these microscope photos reveal. In fact, the designers of microchips frequently hide tiny cartoons, drawings and even messages alongside the super-tiny circuits and semiconductors they create. Chipworks, a company that analyzes microchips by peeling them ...

The Secret Art Of Chip Graffiti - IEEE Spectrum

Mar 1, 2002 - To fit as much of a MIPS R4000 chip as possible into a single photograph, he set his high-powered Nikon FX/L optical microscope at a relatively low magnification, between 25X and 100X. Then, to make the circuitry "pop" for a more richly detailed photo, he lit large areas of the chip with a tungsten-halogen ...

Students learn anatomy

Students learn anatomy via virtual table
(Pixabay) Students enrolled in a New Jersey high school's biomedical program are learning more about human anatomy through a virtual dissection program. Students also are learning about anatomical abnormalities, such as an enlarged spleen. NJ Advance Media (Morristown, N.J.) (3/20)

Security Check

Security Check Time There has been a recent attempt to defraud Leland and Gray out of $40,000.00 using a bit of information hacked from our systems. It seems this was a result of a breach of accounts and someone who had a bit of understanding of how the ordering systems work in an educational system.

Luckily we have really good people who are looking at the invoices very closely before they are paid out. (Thank you, Teri Fletcher)
This event brings the need to remind you to check your account security.
Please take the time to visit this Google Site to check on your recent activity.
The page will have a brief slideshow overview to click through and then it will present a series of categories to view and take care of any issues that may compromise your account. This includes last devices and locations you have logged in to recently.
If there is activity on this list you do not recognize (logging in from Tanzania, for example), please follow the recommendations...primarily, change your …

Google Launches Hangouts Chat

Google Launches Hangouts Chat, Its Slack Competitor, For All G Suite Users VentureBeat | After nearly a year in beta, Google is rolling out its Slack-competing Hangouts Chat platform for all G Suite users. Hangouts Chat features threaded conversations, search, and bots that help automate tasks, while virtual chat spaces can be used for specific teams or projects. More G Suite news: Over the next few months, Google said that Calendar will be updated to use artificial intelligence (AI) and suggest available rooms and spaces for you to reserve in your workplace. It also announced that it’s expanding its Google Drive “Quick Access” feature to Docs.

W-2 Phishing Emails

IRS Warns of Spike in W-2 Phishing Emails
Dark Reading | The IRS reports an increase in reports of phishing emails asking for W-2 information. It says cybercriminals are aiming for mass data theft in addition to targeting individual taxpayers. Their most common tactic is impersonating an executive with a compromised email, which is sent to a human resource professional within the same business to request W-2 information.

What makes project-based learning effective?

What makes project-based learning effective? (Pixabay) Project-based-learning assignments should include six basic qualities -- intellectual challenge and accomplishment, authenticity, public product, collaboration, project management and reflection -- according to a framework released by the Buck Institute for Education. Executive Director Bob Lenz says "intellectual challenge" often is a missing element in PBL projects. KQED-TV/FM (San Francisco) (2/22)

How does student fitness affect brain function

How does student fitness affect brain function? (Pixabay) Students at a Wisconsin school have access to physical activity throughout the day, and the trend may be catching on in other states. Northeastern University kinesiology professor Charles Hillman, who is taking part in the US Department of Health and Human Services revised recommendations for physical fitness, says research shows there's a strong connection between fitness and brain function. The Hechinger Report (2/21)

Students make devices...

Students make devices to boost campus safety
(Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Some students are taking school safety into their own hands by designing devices to secure classrooms. A high-school student in Wisconsin has designed a heavy-duty door lock, which was then purchased by schools in his district and other neighboring districts. Quartz (2/20)

Google’s Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Today

Google’s Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Today and This Is How It Works The Verge | Google is enabling its built-in ad blocker for Chrome today. Chrome’s ad filtering is designed to weed out some of the web’s most annoying ads and push website owners to stop using them. Full page ads, ads with autoplaying sound and video, and flashing ads will be targeted by Chrome’s ad filtering, which will hopefully result in less of these annoying ads on the web.

February 8, 2018 News for the Education Profession

Pa. school adds FabLab for high-needs students (Pixabay) Administrators involved in meeting the needs of high-needs student populations served under Pennsylvania's Intermediate Units are working to do more. Installation of a FabLab at one school has reduced behavioral issues, increased attendance and boosted student collaboration. Scientific American online (2/7) How La. district improved outcomes for students (Pixabay) Outcomes for a rural, high-poverty school district in Louisiana have been on the upswing, earning the district a B rating from the state, from a D in the mid-2000's. In this commentary, Superintendent Leonard Armato shares five ways the district has been working to help students boost their performance. The Hechinger Report (2/8)
Brief links parent education, student achievement (Pixabay)

Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Google Classroom

Better Together Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Google Classroom.  Click on the image below to download the PDF

Crime scene kicks off teacher's bio-medicine class

Crime scene kicks off teacher's biomedicine class
(Pixabay) A Texas high-school teacher is engaging students in his principles of biomedicine class in the study of forensics and disease. The course -- taught by Chet Cooper, a former Odessa College professor -- begins with a crime scene and includes the study of a person's death. Odessa American (Texas) (2/3)

Revolutionizing education begins on the ground
(Pixabay) Rather than waiting for policymakers to take the lead, work should begin at the grassroots level to revolutionize education, Sir Ken Robinson said during his keynote address at Future of Education Technology Conference. His vision for the future of education includes one in which academics are paired with a focus on social connection, collaboration and emotions. SmartBrief/Education (2/6)

ISTE Technology Standards

Last Fall the State of Vermont adopted the updated ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Tech standards. This is very exciting news for it helps us develop a framework for how we can fit the goals of Tech education into our curriculum.

Almost 20 years ago there were Tech standards adopted, but the emphasis was different. At that time, the emphasis was on getting our students introduced to and comfortable with these new machines. And 10 years ago the personalization began with laptop carts and higher speed Internet providing more access to technology.

Now the emphasis is on what we can do to change, enhance and collaborate in our content areas because the hardware to access content and knowledge is easy to use and inexpensive. Now we can teach the students how to communicate and collaborate with others all around the world. How to share ideas and tell stories in new and exciting ways.

We have come a long way in the last 20 years, and have a long way to go. In fact, …

Computer and Information Security

By now you may have heard the pseudonyms of Meltdown and Spectre being passed around in the news.

These newfound computer ghouls are putting your information at risk.

The one thing that is most frightening about these latest anomalies is that they are affecting every single computer built in the last 5-10 years that have an Intel processor in them.

The main thing you need to do in response to this threat is to be sure to update your computer. All of those pop-ups, yellow shields, and shut-downs in the middle of doing something important that are a pain, are the things that are going to preserve your privacy and the privacy of your students. Updating your machine is the equivalent of taking your car to the shop for oil changes, tire rotation, or inspection. We do this so the car will be sure to carry us where we expect it to when we expect it to. Why not do this with your computer? If you are unsure of how to update your machine, please consult with your nearest IT person.

The biggest…

Google Calendar Changes

Changes to Google Calendar This is a quick note to alert you to the changes coming to Google Calendar.

For more detailed information, please visit Google's product page here, or here at their support page.
The basic functions are all the same, wrapped in a much cleaner format that is now fully mobile ready.
There is a button at the top of your calendar prompting you to switch. If you choose to not switch, this will happen automatically in the very near future. 
This is just a heads up so you are not startled by the change and wondering if you hit something by accident.