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Tech News for Education

Tech News for EducationNewest updates first.

Tips for combating hackers on connected devices
(Pixabay) Teaching students about the security vulnerabilities of internet of things devices can help them avoid falling prey to hackers, writes Jacob Batchelor, associate editor of Science World. Batchelor outlines ways to teach students about IoT hacks and what students can do to protect their privacy. Campus Technology (6/1)
Harmful apps every parent, educator should know
(Pixabay) Keeping up with social media and the constant stream of new apps emerging can be overwhelming for parents, instructional technologist Stephen Spengler writes. This article offers tips for digital safety, plus a list of harmful apps, such as Calculator%, a secret app that looks like a calculator but is actually a vault for hiding photos and videos. T.H.E. Journal (6/1)

Study: Is the internet like a drug?
Symptoms of internet withdrawal -- increased anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate -- are close to what drug addic…