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HAPARA News Did you know that with your Hapara account, it’s easier than ever to differentiate your instruction?  Personalizing learning experiences helps learners succeed, but differentiating your lessons to meet the needs of all learners can be difficult and time consuming. With Hapara, you can create groups of learners, making it easy to manage differentiating your teaching.  Dashboard Groups In Hapara Dashboard, you can assign learners to groups based on their learning needs, interests, specific projects and more. Assigning learners to groups allows you to filter what you’re looking at in Dashboard so you can focus on certain learners. It also enables you to share documents with specific groups of learners via the SmartShare button.  For more on how to assign groups in Dashboard, click here. Workspace Groups If you have Hapara Workspace, using groups allows you to create unique learning experiences for each group, while still managing assignments and projects from one Master Works…