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Flexible Thinking

From the desk of our resident Math Coach

Flexible thinking and skill applications are keys to student retention and fluency.  Trying to write meaningful problems while wrangling a lost backpack or planning a trip to the river, is nearly impossible--though many of you do it!!  Here are some sites that have problems that are proven and fairly easy to select.  

Robert Kaplinsky and Dan Meyer are well known math problem developers, but this page of selected sites adds more to the list:

The following site will be included on the WCSU resource page, as it is specifically from Robert Kaplinsky and has a wonderful collection of problem solving topics that are fleshed out for you all to use.  There are discussion guides, engaging launches, and multiple standards addressed--which are listed for your own planning.

This was an interesting site--though it begins in g-3.  It is a curriculum map of problem solving and includes the SMP's addressed for effective habits of math learners.  

Finally, the author of Desmos, and 3-Act, Dan Meyer offers this site.  It is a interactive spreadsheet of 3-act problems grades 3 and up.  These are vetted problems with teacher-friendly support.

I hope these help.


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