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Equatio in Google Docs

How to use Math and Science Equation in Google Docs

Blended vs Traditional Learning

Please check out this link to find out more about whether you are truly offering blended learning or just delivering the same content in a digital form.


Mandelbrot was brought into the fold by IBM when they were first trying to find out why computers were behaving strangely. He found out that there was a very simple formula that would explain the phenomena and could subsequently help to figure out many other things. 
None of this would have been possible without modern computing.
Multiplication on the scale that they needed it was not possible prior to computers. Imagine what the future will hold for us....

Flexible Thinking

From the desk of our resident Math Coach
Flexible thinking and skill applications are keys to student retention and fluency.  Trying to write meaningful problems while wrangling a lost backpack or planning a trip to the river, is nearly impossible--though many of you do it!!  Here are some sites that have problems that are proven and fairly easy to select.  
Robert Kaplinsky and Dan Meyer are well known math problem developers, but this page of selected sites adds more to the list:

The following site will be included on the WCSU resource page, as it is specifically from Robert Kaplinsky and has a wonderful collection of problem solving topics that are fleshed out for you all to use.  There are discussion guides, engaging launches, and multiple standards addressed--which are listed for your own planning.

This was an interesting site--though it begins in g-3.  It is a curriculum map of problem solving and i…


An Accessible Online LibraryBookshare is FREE for qualified students and schools across The United States. At first you need to sign up or create an account for yourself and your students and after that you are free to use the unlimited digital libraries and tools right on your Chromebook, PC, Mac or smartphone devices. Great tools for students with disabilities 

4 ways to help middle school students organize their tech

“Where did I put that cord? My computer is dead!” How many times have you heard this in your classroom? So much of middle school is developing systems to stay organized: “How do I get to all these classes? How do I open my locker?” And with the addition of technology: “How do I keep track of my school computer? Which Google Doc is the homework in? ”

Let’s look at 4 ways students can learn independence and grow leadership through the care and organization of technology.

Read More....


WeVideo is a great platform for your students to become visual storytellers. An idea, a camera and a little time can be used to create some wonderful stories. Please visit the WeVideo Blog for featured educators, techniques and tutorials.

Here is a beginner tutorial for you...

Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

Troubleshooting Do you know what to do if your screen goes blank? What if you can't seem to close an application, or can't hear any sound from your speakers? Whenever you have a problem with your computer, don't panic! There are many basic troubleshooting techniques you can use to fix issues like this. In this lesson, we'll show you some simple things to try when troubleshooting, as well as how to solve common problems you may encounter. General tips to keep in mind There are many different things that could cause a problem with your computer. No matter what's causing the issue, troubleshooting will always be a process of trial and error—in some cases, you may need to use several different approaches before you can find a solution; other problems may be easy to fix. We recommend starting by using the following tips. Write down your steps: Once you start troubleshooting, you may want to write down each step you take. This way, you'll be able to remember exactly w…

Teacher Dashboard And Adding Students Into Hapara

How To Enroll Students Into Hapara 

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is being used all around the world. The following link will show you where. When you zoom in, each dot will give you the name and a link to their work.

Google Classroom Tutorial For Teachers And Students

Google Classroom for students 

Google Slides (power point) Tutorial

Gmail (Email) Tutorial

Google Sheets Tutorial

Google Docs Tutorial

Our Own Math Resource

Our District Math coach, Betty Young, has created a great resource for all you math folks!

Please visit and if you have any feedback, please send to

Games and Activities for Digital Citizenship

Check out the student activities and games available to get Digital Citizenship across to our students.

Try Inbox from Google

We have been using Gmail for quite a few years now and now Google has created a Mobile version of Gmail that works on your desktop as well.

You can visit your own inbox by going to

A short article that highlights some of the features found here.

It may take a little while to get used to it, but I will never go back to Gmail after getting used to this.


IXL notes

IXL New for next year.SY17-18 IXL: IXL's new Recommendation engine helps students make smart decisions about their learning and offers them remediation the moment it's needed. Expanded core curriculum to include math and English language arts for grades PK-12, and science and social studies for grades 2-8. Please let me know if you would like more information on any of our new features.   -Dale