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Tech play time: Tuesdays - 2:45-3:30pmDale, Assad, Kevin and occasional guest stars.

Mindmeister - Concept map
Mindmeister is free for 5 maps.
Step 1: Log into your Google Drive.
Step 2: Click on the red New button, here you want to go to more, and possibly connect more apps to locate: MeisterLabs

Mindmeister will want access to your Google account, allow this.
Mindmeister can save files right to your Google Drive.
Help at Mindmeister:

Hour of Code

Hour of Code!
Computer Science Education Week
December 7-13, 2015
Watch: Tips for introducing Computer Science Where to begin? Visit Hour of Click Start or visit: Print a batch of certificates Enter up to 30 names, one per line. A printable page with personalized Hour of Code certificates will be generated. Try it!

Fundamentals of Digital Citizenship

Tech Tips:

Learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship through animated, choose-your-own-adventure interactive experiences, designed for grades 6-9. Invite students to explore digital dilemmas, make good (and not-so-good) decisions, and try out possible solutions through stories and mini-games – all without risking their real-world reputations. Discover how Common Sense Education’s award-winning digital literacy and citizenship curriculum seamlessly integrates into blended-learning environments. 
Digital Compass Game
Students will be able to: 
• Find facts and gather data for conscientious decisions 
• Synthesize information and evaluate options 
• Assess situations in order to make informed judgments 
• Reflect on decisions and determine alternative choices 
• Build interpersonal empathy by role-playing and taking the perspective of others 
• Develop skill-based competencies through game-based learning 
• Apply learnings to re…

Staying Safe on You Tube

Staying Safe on You Tube
You Tube is not for kids under 13There are rules and three strikes, your account will be disabled, and you cannot open a new account.Help by flagging videos that break the rules.Keep your comments clean! You don't have to agree with someone to respect their opinion.Respect copyright, if you don't own it, don't post it!Respect yourself and others.If you feel unsafe about something you see, tell an adult, (adults flag the video)Remove insulting comments, and use the help and safety tool to block users who harass you.You don't have to see insulting words, or sexual comments, on ANY video:  Just click on the hide objectionable words, next to text comments, to make those words disappear. Do the grandmother test before you post!  If you're uploading a video that you wouldn't want your grandmother to see, think twice before uploading it!Privacy matters!  Make your videos private, share them wi…

New Technology Integration at L&G

Welcome Back L&G! We are now on our next journey into a new school year!

With this new school year, we have been blessed with the talents of Kristen Wilson, along with her enthusiastic energy, heading up the new position of technology integrationist at Leland and Gray.

At today's faculty meeting, she introduced her new position and presented a brief outline of her plans for the coming school year.

This graphic is a representation that Kristen provided to illustrate what she hopes to achieve here at Leland and Gray…

Visit her Tech Tips here... -->