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New Internet Services at Leland and Gray

New Internet Services at Leland and Gray As you all hopefully know by now, we have installed a brand-new Internet service into Leland and Gray, but this is only part of a larger picture. What is happening recently is that federal funds have been provided to the state of Vermont to install "middle mile" trunk lines in order to make it easier for that "last mile" access that we have been anticipating for many years. SoVerNet was chosen as the company to provide this service known as the "Fiber Connect" project. Leland and Gray was chosen as an anchor institution, along with the local libraries, to receive a direct fiber connection. This anchor institution designation makes Leland and Gray the hub for the entire district for managing Internet traffic to all the elementary schools, so L&G gets the benefit of having the primary connection, which in turn make you all the primary beneficiaries of this new service. 

You may also have noticed that the old wirel…