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Computer and Information Security

By now you may have heard the pseudonyms of Meltdown and Spectre being passed around in the news.

These newfound computer ghouls are putting your information at risk.

The one thing that is most frightening about these latest anomalies is that they are affecting every single computer built in the last 5-10 years that have an Intel processor in them.

The main thing you need to do in response to this threat is to be sure to update your computer. All of those pop-ups, yellow shields, and shut-downs in the middle of doing something important that are a pain, are the things that are going to preserve your privacy and the privacy of your students. Updating your machine is the equivalent of taking your car to the shop for oil changes, tire rotation, or inspection. We do this so the car will be sure to carry us where we expect it to when we expect it to. Why not do this with your computer? If you are unsure of how to update your machine, please consult with your nearest IT person.

The biggest…

Google Calendar Changes

Changes to Google Calendar This is a quick note to alert you to the changes coming to Google Calendar.

For more detailed information, please visit Google's product page here, or here at their support page.
The basic functions are all the same, wrapped in a much cleaner format that is now fully mobile ready.
There is a button at the top of your calendar prompting you to switch. If you choose to not switch, this will happen automatically in the very near future. 
This is just a heads up so you are not startled by the change and wondering if you hit something by accident.

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions+We know there are many really cool tools out there on the great big Internets, but we have so little time to discover them. Never mind the time it takes to try them out and see if they will work for your class.

So we rely on others in our community to recommend tools.

Well, Eric Curts is a great community member to have around. He is a Google trainer who is always on the lookout for new tools. He has his own website and works with groups such as Control-Alt-Achieve, which is another education blog, where he contributes regularly to deliver condensed focused information, so we don't have to work so hard.

Here is a list of tools he has just released.
It is a spreadsheet that has the name, a link to, and a brief description of the tools. I hope this is something you can use to help our students.
More ideas... Here on this pyramid is a visual aid for how different technologies can fit different levels of technology use/thinking...You can click on the images below to …

WiFi Connections

WiFi Connections As we all travel around, one of the first things we like to do is connect to the internet as soon as we arrive at our destination. This makes sense because most of our professional life is contained somewhere in the "Cloud" now.

Most times we just expect it all to work, right?

You open up your laptop and go to Google and you're in!

Don't be so sure...

If you notice that the connection may be slow...or you cannot print to the location you could previously...ask yourself...

Am I sure I am connected to the correct network?

Never take for granted that you are connected to the network you think you are. When you are in a different location than usual, check to be sure your connection is the one you expect.

There is a reason to be concerned.  If you connect to a strange network without knowing, there is potential for compromising confidential information.

You could be connected to a spoofed router that was set up to steal your information (unlikely here in…

Hapara and Google Classroom

Better Together: Streamline Digital Learning With Hapara & Google Classroom (click "read more" for video)
Hapara just released a feature which makes it possible for teachers to sync their Google Classrooms with Hapara Dashboard. Now with just the click of a button, you can import your Google Classroom classes into Hapara Dashboard. This is exciting news for teachers who have already discovered ways to combine the best features from both applications. It is also exciting for teachers who have been reluctant to use Hapara because they were already using Google Classroom.

Follow this link to Hapara support and scroll down to "For Teachers" to see the written version of the above video.

Phishing Scams And How to Avoid Them

Phishing Scams Even Fool Tech Nerds — Here’s How to Avoid Them!


HAPARA News Did you know that with your Hapara account, it’s easier than ever to differentiate your instruction?  Personalizing learning experiences helps learners succeed, but differentiating your lessons to meet the needs of all learners can be difficult and time consuming. With Hapara, you can create groups of learners, making it easy to manage differentiating your teaching.  Dashboard Groups In Hapara Dashboard, you can assign learners to groups based on their learning needs, interests, specific projects and more. Assigning learners to groups allows you to filter what you’re looking at in Dashboard so you can focus on certain learners. It also enables you to share documents with specific groups of learners via the SmartShare button.  For more on how to assign groups in Dashboard, click here. Workspace Groups If you have Hapara Workspace, using groups allows you to create unique learning experiences for each group, while still managing assignments and projects from one Master Works…